Ronero & Dinosaurs

Best friends are the people you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time

Early last week I asked Sandra what her plans were for Friday night. I hadn’t hung out with her in a while and decided we needed a girls date night. Fortunately, she had no plans so I jumped the gun and suggested we go out to dinner and get all dolled up. She agreed!

I researched a few restaurants with no success, then went on and that’s where I came across Ronero. After visiting their website, I told Sandra to browse it and advise if she was in for it. IN! I proceeded to make reservations… couple minutes later after typing in all my information, I confirmed the reservation for 1/13/17 at 9PM for two.

During that same week, on my morning drive to work I heard on the radio advertisements for Discover the Dinosaurs Unleashed, “for more information visit our website…”. As soon as I got to work, I visited the website and immediately thought to myself – I have to take Miguelito (my godson) to this. Adolfo was working Saturday so I asked Sandra! She can take her nephew, Leo, and we all can enjoy the exhibition together! Sent her a text and a few minutes later, she confirmed her attendance along with Leo’s and the weekend plans were set.

Friday the 13th! Sandra is a very punctual lady. She was at my house at 8:15Pm so I hurried to put on my heels and my pink scarf. After unsuccessfully looking for parking, we opted for valet parking. We stepped inside Ronero at 8:50PM. Our table wasn’t ready yet. “You ladies are more than welcome to head to the bar for a cocktail while you wait and we’ll come get you as soon as your table is ready,” said the hostess. Naturally, we head to the bathroom (not because we needed to use it) and took several pictures. Return upstairs, pay for our cocktails and still our table isn’t ready (9:15PM). Fast forward to 9:45PM and we’re finally taken to our table…pretty crazy wait time!

We shared Mixed Ceviche and Beef Stuffed Empanadas Appetizers and Pork Chop with Peruvian Potatoes Entrée. The food was tasty. Over food and drinks we shared our latest life updates, discussed school and work, our families, our futures and several jokes – we always find things to laugh about. Despite the long wait to be seated, it’s the quality time I spent with Sandra what mattered that night.

Saturday was so much fun! I drove to Aurora to pick up Miguelito, back to Melrose Park to pick up Sandra and Leo, then off to the exhibit we went. As you walk into the exhibit, it’s dark and you hear dinosaurs roaring. Miguelito thought it was cool. Leo, not so much! Miguelito enjoyed all the photos and riding the dinosaurs. Leo? Not so much! haha. Sandra even had to thoroughly convince him to get a tattoo on his hand! All Leo wanted to do was golf, so Sandra and him ventured off to look for it. Miguel and I later met up with them at the inflatables area.

As it got later, we were all getting tired and hungry. We decided to take them to McDonald’s so they could continue playing. They had a blast! Miguel and Leo got along so well. It was a great day with the boys. Sandra and I laughed all day with them. Leo is hilarious. One thing to take away, Leo hates pictures haha Both are such caring little boys. Sandra and I will definitely be coordinating another outing soon.

 I’m grateful to have such an amazing friend whom I can have a girls date night out one night and next day have such a chill day with our little boys, all the while still have a great time doing both!

Cocktails for the Wait
Pretty in Pink
Sandra (Isn’t She So Beautiful?!) & I Before Enjoying Pork Chops
We’re Off to Pick Up Sandra & Leo
Right Before Entering the Exhibit


Eyes On The Road!
Sandra & Leo (his forced smile lol)
Group Photo

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