2017 Wedding No.1: Jenny & Reggie

Friday weddings are becoming more popular than ever before. It’s great for saving costs, but provides less of a time frame for us “working chicas” to get ready.


Ceremony at 4:30PM; Dinner & Reception at 6:30PM – 12:00AM 

I was running on turbo mode at work in completing all my to-do items. Sorry Jenny & Reggie, but there’s no way we’re making it to the ceremony. I left work at 3:30PM, made a quick stop at Target before getting ready. The goal was to leave Brian’s house at 6PM, add the 30 min drive, and we’d make it just in time for dinner.

Everything was going well. Makeup & hair done at 5:50PM. Brian was all ready to go, I only needed my dress on. “Alright baby, come help me zip up my dress.” BRACE YOURSELF. I had Brian and his mom working together to zip up my dress. Brian’s fingers were too slippery to get a grip of the zipper so he went to get pliers!! I tried laying down on the bed – 1st me facing Brian so he pulled the zipper towards him, 2nd me facing away so he pulled the zipper up away; standing up, “baby, no offense, but suck it in as much as you can” … that didn’t help; tried zipping the dress half way then putting it on – nope, couldn’t get it past my shoulders nor up my butt from either top or bottom. “Bella, just asking, do you have a plan B?” ….”uh, no.” By now, it’s 6:20PM. Then Brian suggested using a belt to squeeze my waist… 5 minutes later, Brian got the zipper up! Phew, what a mission!

Avoid making plans, they rarely ever go as planned. We were on the road at 6:30PM. Both of us very hungry, wishing we’d get at least a bite of someone’s chicken.

We arrived in time for dinner. Mariachi was playing. Beautiful setup. While we all took a bite here and there, the couple shared a few words. Then danced their first song as husband and wife. And Jenny danced with her father. The only Mexican tradition they included was “el baile del dolar.” Afterwards, the dance floor was open for all guests to partake. After a couple hours of DJ, Show Revelacion (a Mexican renowned band) showed up to entertain the guests til the end of the party.

Brian was quite the dancer. He danced with my mom, my sister, the bride, and of course, with me. He befriended the band members and told them they had to play at his wedding! He decided he wanted to keep partying after the wedding party with his new band friends, so we followed them to Club 64 which is a club/bar that only plays Mexican music. Brian loved every second of our 2 hours there.

Despite a rough start dealing with the dress, we had such a great time! I saw people I hadn’t seen in a decade. Brian made new friends, and learned new dance moves. Jenny & Reggie’s wedding was one of the best weddings we’ve been to – gracias y que viva el amor!

img_4607img_4613Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetimg_4608

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