Three Lakes, WI: Snowmobiling in 65 Degrees

The original plan was to spend a long weekend in Christmas, MI. Hotel rooms were booked since December. However, as we neared the weekend weather kept getting warmer. The original group going to Christmas fell through so the destination changed to Three Lakes, WI with a few of Brian’s friends. This change made me question my participation – will it be worth it to take a day off work?

My construction project is nearing the end and everyone is rushing to get things done, easily losing patience. As a result, on Tuesday (2 days before departing north) I sent Brian a text…“Baby, I’m in 100% for this trip. I definitely need a day off!” This would be our last snowmobile trip this 2016/2017 season and we’d both be able to experience it together, just like the start of the season.

What a difference this trip was from our first in December. Chicago had no snow in site, 60 degrees, and the drive was 2-3 hours shorter. We rode Thursday night upon arrival to meet up with 4 friends that had arrived earlier that day. Friday was a full day of riding….in 65 degrees! Trails had very little snow and many puddles and mud. Lakes had lots of puddles too, but Brian assured me it was safe to ride – I believed him after I saw vehicles  on the actual lake! At about 5PM, it was decided to stay closer to the lake because trails had no snow. At this time we also decided we’d head back home Saturday morning.

The adventure didn’t end after we loaded the sleds. Approximately 30 minutes from arriving home, the tire on the trailer blew out and we found ourselves on the shoulder of an exit changing the tire.

I wouldn’t have experienced adventure, laughs, and changing a trailer tire would I have decided to stay back and work on Friday. Until next winter season…

Buk getting ready Friday morning at the OV
Breakfast at Sunset Grill
Trails – 65 degrees
Quick stop/hangout on the lake


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