San Francisco: A Bay Reunion

Or should it really be “A Bae Reunion”… It’s been way too long since Rose & I spent time together; honestly, I can’t even remember the last time it was but I believe it was circa 2012…cray, right?! Our friendship goes way back to the first few days as college freshman and no matter the distance and time, I now know our friendship will never change.

03.17.17: I spent Friday as solivagant through the city while Rose was at work. She lives in Little Italy, so I walked over to a small cafe nearby called Cafe Trieste. Then wandered through the streets where I ended up at Washington Square. It was a beautiful sunny day, but it’s San Fran, so it was still pretty chilly. From there walked up the hill to Coit Tower, took many photos, then walked down to Levi’s Plaza, lunch at Pier 23 (price tag-expensive; food quality – ehh, probably won’t return), and finally back home to meet Rose once she got off work. We hung out. At night, we met up with a few of her friends at Nick’s Crispy Tacos – where the tacos were NOT crispy, and were not good. All for the experience and for my friend though 🙂

03.18.17: Saturday was a fun filled day! We discussed renting bikes and biking through the city and over the Golden Gate Bridge. And that we did – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! First and foremost, I highly recommend renting bikes from Basically Free Bikes Rental because it truly ends up being a free bike rental. You pay $xx amount, but that amount is a credit for you to spend at their store right before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge – we stocked up on protein bars, drinks, and gloves (because the wind was chilly as we rode). At the other side of the GGB is Sausalito, which is a beauty all on its own. We went to Bar Bocce – awesome bar with a beautiful view, and their pizza…BOMB! GO if you get a chance – to meet up with some of Rose’s friends. For our return, we took the ferry…biked back to return the bikes…and then walked to Lombard Street. We thought we’d have energy to go out, but 3 movies and pizza order-in later, we passed out.

03.19.17: Sunday we squeezed in as much we could prior to my departure (930PM). We ubered it to The Grove Fillmore – highly highly recommend it, the food is absolutely AMAZING! Then to The 16th Ave Tiled Stairs, 163 steps decorated with mosaic tiles to create a unique design. Took a few photos then we went on to walk through (smelly) Chinatown, eventually arriving at The Golden Gate National Park. There we reminisced of our college days, the friends we’ve lost contact with, the friends we remain in contact with, my boyfriend & future plans…think bachelorette party, wedding, etc. It’s so much fun to discuss & share dreams, especially with Rose because we’ve done this since we were young Freshman students at Marquette. We returned to her apartment and again, watched movies & hung out until it was time for me to head to the airport.

Red-eye flight- arrived in Chicago at 5:15AM, and was at work by 6:30AM. No sleep, but I’d do it all over again 🙂




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