Cancun 2017: The Morks’ Wedding

I’ve really been procrastinating on this one. And several others that I have pending. 

April 2017. Second wedding of the year. We had the countdown for our departure since December last year. Why? Cuz, CANCUN WEDDING! I’ve never been to Cancun. And, I’ve never been to a destination wedding. Boom, kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

The couple getting married are Ashley & Brandon. They’re Brian friends whom he snowmobiles with…but now my friends too 🙂 We were both honored and excited to receive the invite to such a special day for the couple.

Flight departs at 6:00AM – splendid. No but really, we landed in Cancun around 9:45AM, and were at the pool with the rest of the group by 11:00AM. The rest of the day we spent ordering colorful rainbow shots, Corona Light, walked by the beach – where you immediately smelled the salty waters – and took pictures/videos on the GoPro. For dinner,  we went to the Mexican restaurant on the resort – only took about 2 hours for our food to be served, but the appetizers & margaritas were hands down amazing. After dinner, we all hung out by the resort bar. The next day a group of 5 of us took a cab to PLAYA DEL CARMEN!!  Happy Hour All Day?! According to Tequila Barrel, yes! More Coronas, shots, walks by the beach, and amazing tacos filled our day. The strip was pretty amazing: tons of little shops, and large American stores (i.e. Forever 21, H&M, Aldo Shoes, etc). We returned to the resort early afternoon in time to meet more friends that would arrive. Did we go out at night? Well, that was the intent but after showering, Brian and I decided to take a “power nap” at 4PM….8 hours later, missed dinner with everyone & it’s midnight. Solution: Room Service for sure!


Friday morning got to a scary start…it started pouring. Thank goodness that only lasted for about an hour. We all hung out by the pool in the AM, nothing crazy. Around 5PM we all met for the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful, definitely shed a tear. The rest of the night was full of laughter, dance moves, and plenty of booze.

Saturday morning was so much fun. Again, we all hung out by the pool recounting the previous night. This was day 4 of our trip and I was still so pale. So I decided to forgo the sunscreen….oh yea, got some goooood sun rays and tan lines. At night we all went to Coco Bongo in Playa del Carmen. Oh boy, what an awesome experience!! The performances were a ton of fun! A few of us decided to leave before it was over to get TACOS! Mexico street tacos are hands down the best kind of tacos!!

Sunday morning was rough. It was a struggle to get out bed. We threw everything in our suitcases and headed down to the lobby. Off to the airport we went.

The Morks’ Wedding is one to remember. So many great people, and so many great times. I can honestly say I’ll never forget this trip, nor the people I met because some of the girls I met have become close friends (this one’s for my ladies Melissa & Lea, xoxo). 😉 17862500_10158498474880113_4723580279571870868_n17861804_10158498256955113_2262908637864664413_n17796345_10158479721950113_2801664532810579044_n17862546_10158498262475113_2842480323001254477_n17523091_10154384704150849_1217430807087411944_n17903593_10154384704030849_8632950925274914767_n17800323_10158505302870113_5526529834607323356_n17800413_10209034290551177_7770730541496205841_n17800229_10154373223225849_5688961107571488381_n17861618_10154373223265849_3018171291333543963_n17522700_10212358165931697_4186877819793285457_n17505225_10212575939584645_5927975846123078921_o

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