Florida: Off the Traxx

Girls weekend getaway trip? Sign me up! 

Almost 3 years since Staci, myself and 2 other girlfriends were last here in Mebourne, FL for Senior Year Spring Break. Thank you Facebook for reminding me. As soon it came up, I took a screenshot & texted Staci immediately; “3 years since this day! We need to go back soon and Cass has to join us!” It’s truly funny how some things work out. Cass and Staci had just discussed taking a long weekend there so I contacted them just in time 😉

I booked my flight and saved the dates in my calendar. 04/26/17 – 04/30/17. Another trip just 2 weeks after Cancun. I flew on my own into Melbourne Wednesday night and the girls flew in to Orlando, but we all arrived approx 20 minutes from each other to Staci’s grandparents’ house – where we’d spend our weekend.

We were pretty pooped from traveling Wednesday, so we made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up booze, snacks, and breakfast ingredients. Came home and went to bed.

The next 3 days consisted of: sleep, wake up, breakfast, pool/beach & sun, dinner & night out in town, repeat. The weather couldn’t be more perfect! Lots of sun, nice breeze, and the perfect amount of heat. Every single day.

Every night we tried a new spot for dinner, all equally delicious in their own style. Thursday, we went to an amazing Cuban restaurant, Cuban Island. You gota have the sangria – delicious! Friday night, went to Matt’s Casbah – all things sushi & live music! Can it get any better than this?! Oh, yes it does.

Friday night was Off the Traxx. Literally. It’s a bar. What a night. Think “girlssss just wana have fuuunnnn. OooooOooh girls, just wana have fun!” We had a few drinks during dinner, and then some more after dinner. We went to a couple bars, danced, then ended up at … Off the Traxx. Met a few guys whom we chatted and hung out with. Their names? None of us remember ha! Ended our night at Lou’s Blues. The next morning was a major struggle bus. As we struggled to recall our night, each one of us remembered bits & pieces. So just imagine 3 girls piecing together their previous night surrounded by tons of laughs and giggles. Priceless.

As you can probably imagine, Saturday was verrryyyy laid back. Yet, still followed the wake up, breakfast, pool/beach & sun, dinner & night out in town cycle. However, this day just Cass and I made it to the pool. Sunburn will keep you home. For dinner, Staci’s parents treated us to a wonderful restaurant Chart House. We went for a couple drinks in town, but this night was not off the traxx haha.

PS: sunscreens DO expire. So always check the expiration date. And reapply multiple times if it’s your first day getting sun since last summer. 😉 


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