#TheRoarks: August Wedding 2017

Have I mentioned how much I love weddings?

I love to witness the ceremony – two families coming together and placing their full focus on the two individuals committing to each other. Cocktail hour – all guests get to mingle with each other, sometimes it’s a great opportunity to catch up with those one hasn’t seen in a while. The reception – finding out the other individuals at your table, hoping they’re all fun people. And everything else – the speeches, the first dance, father-daughter dance, open dance floor, and all the laughs in between.

August 25, 2017 – Independence Grove, Libertyville:

Dan & Jenna celebrated their commitment and we were honored to witness this beautiful moment.

This was a Friday wedding, which seem to be very popular just based off the upcoming weddings we have this year. It’s a little difficult for us working individuals that have long commutes, but that’s why we have plenty of time to plan accordingly, right? Oh yea!! 🙂

It was a busy day. Worked through lunch so that I could leave early. Chicago traffic rarely is light…especially when there are upcoming festivals where streets are closed off. It took me 20 minutes to drive 3 blocks…. 20 MINUTES. Oh man was I frustrated. HAHA. My commute was 50 minutes….plenty of time to prioritize what I had to get done within the next 4 hours: “ok, so I need at least 2 hours for my hair and then an hour for my makeup. Boom.” Timing was perfect.

Know what else was perfect? The circumstances. My brother dropped off his car for maintenance with his mechanic, so I let him borrow my car for the weekend. *awesome sister, right?!* This worked out great because he was able to capture a few pictures of Brian and I, and also drop us off at the reception. It’s like free Uber – saaweett!!!

The ceremony was short and sweet – that’s what we all want nowadays! Cocktail hour was outside. The weather was absolutely amazing – thank goodness! Like I stated above, perfect opportunity to mingle and chat…and snap pictures 😉 For dinner, we went back inside and struggled for a few minutes to find our table – note to self for my wedding day, maybe provide a floor plan of the tables on the table cards? Not a bad idea, huh 🙂 we had such a great table of friends! Dinner was delicious. And the rest of the night was absolutely amazing. Brian and I killed it on the dance floor, per usual haha. Fun wedding, great moments, and delicious tacos on our way out….yes they had tacos!

Cocktail Hour: Mingling, Taking Pictures, Lots of Laughs
Brugioni Brothers & Their Beautiful Significant Other
Our Boyfriend’s Have Great Taste 😉
All Smiles, per usual. 

Dan & Jenna, Thank You! Congrats again! 

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