My 27th Year: 27 Bucket List Items

Truth be told, I’ve never really put together any kind of specific “Bucket List”. Whenever I’d do something new that I wanted to do, I’d just say “That’s been on my bucket list. So happy I got to check it off.” What a goof! haha. But as I get older, I feel that the things I want to do are bigger with some kind of specific meaning. Just a shy of 2 weeks into my 27th Year, I decided to put together a Bucket List of 27 Items I want to check off during my 27th Year. 😀 I hope to come back to this post a year from now and see how well I did, and maybe be able to say I did more than this list!

  1. Go on a Cruise 

    Cruise I’ve been wanting to go on a cruise for a few years now. I don’t have a specific cruise itinerary that I’d prefer, I just like the concept of being able to visit multiple places over the course of one trip. I look forward to finding the perfect itinerary and set sail!

  2. Visit Cuba 

    cuba Cubano, chico! Just thinking about the culture, authenticity in everything about Cuba is what attracts me to it. Hurricane Irma did some damage to it; however, I have not read much on the extent of it. I hope it can recover from the damages and continue to be the unique country it’s known to be. I look forward to making a trip out to Cuba and embrace everything it has to offer.

  3. Visit Havasu Falls & Its Trails

    havasu-falls If this image doesn’t make YOU want to visit it, then I don’t know what will. I follow several traveling accounts on Instagram…I love traveling and I love seeing where people travel to and explore. This is how I came across Havasu Falls. It’s vibrant colors instantly caught my eye and I began to do my own research. This isn’t a park-your-car-and-you’re-in-front-of-the-falls kind of adventure. You’ve got to walk a long trail, follow the signs, and enjoy the scenery before arriving to Havasu Falls. I’ve got to start looking into the best time of year to head there and mark it on my calendar.

  4. Hike a National Park 

    TTD_Hiking_Billboard_01_0 I love being outdoors and I feel like I haven’t done many activities outdoors. Not bueno! (That’s my spanglish comin out!) This year I’d like to visit a National Park (not any particular one) and hike a trail – bonus: give me breathtaking views while I hike!

  5. Take My Mom on a Vacation to a New Country :

    My mom does sooo much for my siblings and I day in and day out. I want to take her to a new country she’s never been to and just enjoy the ish out of it! If I could take her around the world, I would in a heartbeat. She’s the best and she deserves the best. I hope I can give her a percentage of the best by taking her to a whole new place she’s never been to.

  6. Visit Family in Mexico with Brian:

    Both my mom and dad are originally from Mexico and I still have a ton of family that live there. I want my family to meet Brian, but I also want Brian to get exposed to the Spanish language. Maybe he’ll pick up more of it. I know he’ll have a blast out there!

  7. Go on a Girls Trip:

    I’ve been wanting to do this for soooo long now!!!! I have some of the bestest girl friends and I really want to go on a trip to tear it up!!! 🙂 Hopefully I can find a great deal to a new destination and have my girlies and I getaway for some fun and epic memories!

  8. Start a Travel YouTube Channel:

    This one is a good one. I’ve been contemplating the idea of starting a YouTube channel that focuses on my travels, but I just don’t seem to take the initiative in actually doing it! Where is my initiative?! I have to get ‘er done!

  9. Go Skiing

    Skiing-P.C.-CASTNC I need to make this happen! Can you believe I live in the Midwest and have NEVER been skiing?! Like what have I been doing every winter?? Ugh! I guess living in the Midwest doesn’t offer great ski resorts, but there are endless locations just a few hours from here. I will probably be the absolute worst at it the first few times, but I am determined to learn it well…at least for a few pictures! haha

  10. Go Sky Diving 

    tandem-skydiving-busselton-western-australia I know this is not for everyone. But I look forward to it so much. I can already picture my ugly facial expression from feeling the gravity pull me down, but I love the adrenaline rush. Stay tuned for actual footage of my reaction during skydiving haha

  11. Run a 10K:

    A 10K will be like the warm up to Number 12: Run a Half Marathon. I’ve completed two 5Ks over the course of 3 years. I didn’t quite train for them, yet I didn’t do too shabby. I need move up from the 5K prior to completing a Half Marathon, so a 10K is definitely on the radar.

  12. Run a Half Marathon

    Chicago-Half-Marathon Well, as noted above, the Half Marathon will come after I fulfill my Buck List Item of running a 10K. Though the picture above shows the Chicago Half Marathon, I actually plan on running the Half Marathon in a different city. I want to be able to make a trip out of it. I will begin doing my research on upcoming Half Marathons throughout the country and pick a fun one with lots of activities to do before and after the run!

  13. Yoga

    Yoga-Studio-Guelph-2.jpgOh man does my body yearn for yoga!!! I sit at work majority of the day. I don’t stretch as often as I should….actually, ever. This isn’t good. When I was very young, I was hella flexible. I miss those days. This year I plan on enrolling at a yoga studio and really dedicate myself to this. I want to make this a part of my lifestyle. Can’t wait for my body to reconnect with the flexible me I once was.

  14. Exercise Regularly

    exercise-418x230You can probably see the trend within the last few items. I don’t want exercise to be a chore. I want to make this part of my lifestyle. I need to quit being lazy, quit making excuses, and get to the gym and outside!

  15. Eat Clean

    FL_0316_Blog_CleanEating_featured_700x365 Right next to exercising, I will incorporate clean eating. It’s all about taking the time to prep the meals. Gota do it!

  16. Purchase a Bike & Bike Around

    IMG_4992 Mhm, that’s me! This was taken back in February when I went to San Francisco. My friend and I biked over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was amazing! Yeah, I was sore for 3 days – no, I’m not joking!! But I loved every second of it. I’ve been looking into bikes – they are not cheap. It’ll be an investment, I just need to make sure it’s the right one. I truly enjoy biking when I get the chance to do it, so I want to do it more often with my own bike 🙂

  17. Photography 

    photography Right before Christmas last year I bought the GoPro 5. Over the summer, I bought a Canon DSLR. I love photos. Capturing moments is really what I’m in to. I want to get better at capturing images, moments, feelings. I hope to get out and play with my cameras more. Maybe even take some classes.

  18. Pick Up My Violin

    fine-instruments2In elementary school, I played the violin for 5 years. I was pretty darn good at it. Then I went off to high school and didn’t touch it. In college, I tried to play again but I just didn’t stick with it. Now, I miss it sooooo much!!! I have my own violin at home. I want to pick up my violin and get back in tune with the young girl that performed solos at concerts, and practiced in her pajamas in the living room.

  19. Read a Book per Month

    Book Pretty straight forward. This item is like a bucket list within a bucket list. I need to put together a list of books to read – to include topics related to self-advancement, fiction, non-fiction, and business development.

  20. Master 12 Mexican Recipes from My Mom 

    mex food My mom makes some pretty darn amazing food! I already spoke with her about setting a day for both of us to cook…ok, for her to teach me how to cook her amazing recipes. I can’t wait to be able to cook up delicious meals all on my own!!!

  21. Master 12 American Recipes from Jill:

    Just like my mom makes some amazing Mexican dishes, Jill makes some pretty tasty American dishes. I have yet to talk to her about setting a day for us to play in the kitchen, but I have a feeling she won’t be opposed 🙂

  22. Keep Up with My Blog 

    blog I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with my posts. Just like exercising, I don’t make time for it. Not kidding, I still have my Memorial Day Weekend post still under ‘Drafts.’ Unacceptable. I hope to stay up to date with my blog this year and attract an audience that can relate to my lifestyle!

  23. Volunteer: 

    I love helping others. I hope to discover volunteer opportunities that resonate with my values while helping others. Not only do I want to fulfill this item, I want  to continue doing this for years to come!

  24. Leadership Position in an Organization:

    I have attended a few meetings for one organization, but I haven’t been consistent. I will do some more research and become an active member at a few organizations that stand for what I believe in. My ultimate goal is to become a leader within an organization and guide others.

  25. Open a Business:

    I’ve got an idea. I yearn on bringing it to life. I hope to make this happen!

  26. Debt-Free:

    Oh don’t we all wish to be debt-free! I have 3 major loans – mortgage, student & auto. The first one – mortgage – probably won’t get paid off for a few years still, but student & auto loans can definitely get paid off within the next year. I am on a very good financial repayment path right no. I check in periodically with my debts. I compare this to what I have saved and look for areas to cut back on spending in order to make an additional payment. I’ve set a time frame for each loan: Auto Loan will be paid in full by February 2018 (18 month car note); Student Loans will be paid in full by May 2018 (exactly 3 years since graduating). Not a terrible plan if I say so myself.

  27. Invest in Real Estate:

    I’ve got my eye on a couple properties that I want to purchase and develop. I hope to achieve this and see fruition.


Check back periodically to see if a new blog post has been published talking about one or many of these items! Can’t wait!


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