LuCeeFlo Weekend: Grand Rapids, MI

Distance means so little when someone means so much.

The last time we were together was September 2016…over a year ago!!! If it’s something I’ve learned as I get older, is that time flies way quicker than you can keep up.

I met Lucy the summer before my 5th year senior year, 2013. Both of us lived in the Pi Phi house; I was taking summer classes and she was working. She worked as a server at an Italian restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. One day, she Facebook messaged me – we didn’t have each other’s phone numbers at this time, heck, we only knew of each other because we lived in the same house – asking if I could take her a shirt to work because the one she had didn’t meet their dress code. She guided me in finding the right shirt from her closet, finding her spare key to her car aka Snoop, and driving to the restaurant. That summer day in 2013 our friendship began; the rest of that summer and school year was 100% laughter, adventures, late nights, and moments we’ll never forget.

Fast forward to lives after college, and here we are. Her living in Grand Rapids and me living in Chicago. No, we don’t talk every single day, but when we do, we do for hours catching up. In 2016 we traveled to Puerto Rico with a group of other friends. Afterwards, time just lapsed and I missed her. I reached out in October and aggressively requested she find a weekend when I could visit – nope, not kidding about the aggressiveness haha


Friday after work I drove to Grand Rapids. 3 hours in the car alone, listening to nothing but jams – both in English and Spanish. Arrived and filled with joy hugged Lucy! While drinking some beers, chatted and lost track of time. Then decided to quickly get ready and hit the town. Went to a bar, ordered a beer, and continued to catching up. We talked about everything that’s happened since we were last together, with the comfort as if we hadn’t been apart that long.


Saturday we made breakfast at home, hung out at her apartment, and then got ready for a walk around the lake. It was a chilly day, but not too cold to hold us back from walking approximately 4 hours. We saw beautiful homes in East Grand Rapids, ran into a cute little pup, and took tons of pictures of the area. We ended our walk at Rose’s – a beautiful, cozy restaurant with a fireplace that warmed the entire place. We ate, drank, and talked to a beautiful couple that Lucy knew from her time working at Rose’s. We wrapped up the night with a movie, and cozy blankets as we fell asleep.

Reeds Lake Trail: Followed this trail for the most part, but went off trail a little through the residential area.
How amazing is this home? So beautiful!
Always smiling this lady!
Right before entering into Rose’s warm environment.

Two days spent with my best friend filled me with so much joy, love, and appreciation for our friendship. We may not see each other for looong periods of time, but when we do I am reassured that our friendship will never end. LuCeeflo will last forever!

Captured these two during our trail walk. I say it’s a symbol of Lucy & I 🙂

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