2017 Weddings: Full Recap & Favorites

Who doesn’t enjoy weddings?? I’ve always loved weddings; attending the ceremony, the reception, and the after party. This year honestly seemed like it was the year of all weddings. 7 total to be exact. They were all fun, near and far, inside and outside, and surrounded by lots of friends. Below is a recap of each wedding, in chronological order for 2017 and my favorite memory from each one.

January 27, 2017: Jenny & Reggie

Addison, IL

This kicked off the weddings for 2017. It was a Friday wedding so I was a bit rushed with getting off work in time to get ready and beat traffic. We made it just in time despite the dress hiccup – it took 25 MINUTES (no, not joking) to get the zipper to zip. I swear it wasn’t because of my weight! Haha. This wedding was unique because the bride and groom were of different backgrounds and cultures. It all came together very nicely. The music, the food, the vibes…all absolutely great!

Favorite Part: The music. The DJ had a great selection of music and then afterwards there was a Banda for the Hispanic half. But that didn’t stop anyone that didn’t understand the music from dancing. Truly a great wedding to start the year.

Yes, this dress gave us a hard time, but well worth it 😉

April 07, 2017: Brandon & Ashley

Cancun, MX

My first destination wedding EVER! Needless to say, I was super ecstatic for this wedding! Vacation and wedding all in one trip – YES! Easy flight, great weather, lots of amazing friends – already a great start to the weekend. I won’t repost details from this weekend;  check out my blog post here for all the details. The morning of the wedding day sky was overcast, thus filling us with fear that it would rain all day. It sure did storm for a solid 3 hours, but then came out the sun in full force. We all met outdoors, excited to witness their exchange of vows. Ashley looked absolutely amazing: hair in perfect curls on one side of her shoulder, beautiful white dress engulfed by the soft sand every time she took a step, with eyes focused on her soon to be husband, Brandon. Ceremony was beautiful. I probably shed a tear or ten.

Favorite Part: The weather and dance party. A beautiful celebration with friends dancing away the night with the sound of waves in the background.


June 24, 2017: Pam & Will

Lake Forest, IL

This was their Chicago reception. Their wedding ceremony was held in Juno in July. The bridal party and guests went on an Alaskan cruise for a week. Due to timing and work, I was unable to attend the trip. Their Chicago reception was held at a local bar restaurant owned by friends, and was a lot of fun. With an outdoor option, everyone was able to mingle without constraints.

Favorite Part: The level of formality; not fancy, yet not casual. Just the perfect balance.


August 25, 2017: Dan & Jenna

Libertyville, IL

Another Friday wedding. Like I said, Friday weddings are difficult for timing purposes. Beautiful, warm August day in Chicago. Ceremony was short and sweet. Cocktail hour was held outside which was a combination of warmth and lots of wind.

Favorite Part: The TACO BAR at the end of the party. BOMB AF! Enough said, no need to elaborate on that amazingness haha


September 01, 2017: Joey & Monika

Lake Geneva, WI

Back to back Friday weddings. This one I actually took half a day at work because we had to drive up to Lake Geneva, approximately 3-4 hours from home. What a difference a week makes in weather. It was very windy which made for a chilly ceremony, but I tried to capture all the sun possible for hints of warmth. Joey & Monika looked amazing together. Monika is naturally beautiful, so on this day she was absolutely stunning. After the ceremony, cocktails were outside surrounded by a couple fireplaces – yes, I was near the fireplace the entire time! A few cocktails also helped warm me up 😉 Reception was a lot of fun!!

Favorite Part: Best man’s speech. Speeches at weddings are a hit or miss; they’re either difficult to hear, improper dialect from speaker, or crisp clear, no sound issues, and gets the crowd laughing. Joey’s best man’s speech was the latter. His stories had every guest laughing and his final touch, a real life rooster was the prop of the night. Snaps to that guy (I don’t know his name ha)!


September 23, 2017: Josh & Kacie

Door County, WI

Josh & Kacie’s mini wedding destination was the perfect weekend getaway for Brian and I. Their wedding was outdoors. Pinterest search rustic barn outdoor wedding. It was exactly that. BEAUTIFUL! Their wedding was all about the details. The cocktail mingling outdoors was endless, the self-serve dinner allowed you to feed your needs, the dessert table was too sweet to describe, and the music jams were the cherry on top. Probably one of the top 3 weddings of this year.

Favorite Part: The highlights video put together by the photographer. I’m not kidding when I tell you this video had the whole crowd crying. From sharing the day’s highlights to a beautiful video of Josh’s grandpa wishing him a wonderful day knowing he wouldn’t be able to live to witness this union. Already crying again thinking of it. Beautiful.


November 18, 2017: Sam & Christy

Milwaukee, WI

Goooo Marquette, GO GO GO!!! These two: Epitome of love, selflessness, happiness, joy, and all things positivity! We don’t see them often, but when we do it’s like not a day passed since the last encounter. Traditional Catholic wedding. Reception was held at Milwaukee’s Discovery World. It was like a field trip, except I was in a dress, heels, and with a cocktail in hand. Such a great cocktail hour. The rest of the reception was nothing but a fun time, dancing and drinking the night away.

Favorite Part: The venues, for both the rehearsal (more than just the bridal party were invited) and the reception.


We wish all the best to the newly weds in 2017. We’re honored to have witnessed each and every single one of the couple’s love and union.

Stay tuned for a recap of weddings in 2018, as we already have another 6 lined up. Cheers to love!

One thought on “2017 Weddings: Full Recap & Favorites

  1. Love it Cristina!! I really enjoy reading about all these weddings! Hard to believe you guys had 7 weddings last year, and now again this year you guys have 7 more beautiful weddings!! Wow!! Hopefully we will hear all about your wedding in the near future !😘 Love Jillie

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