NYE 2017: 2nd Annual Trip

Back at it again! Celebrated the end of 2017 and the start of 2018 with friends up in Ironwood, MI.

The 6 hour drive was smooth, even with a trailer attached, and the views were amazing as we approached our destination. Snow lined all the pine trees while the sun set behind them. Our friends were waiting for us at the house ready to get the night started upon our arrival.

It was dark when we pulled up. Brian unloaded the sleds, parked the truck and trailer, and I geared up inside for a rip to a bar. That night was cold. Negative degree temps. About 15 minutes into riding, I looked over at Brian and told him my neck was freezing. It literally felt like I was riding with my neck exposed. Brian grabbed my Turtle Fur out of the pocket, and I put that thing on too quick! It made a whole world of a difference. Everyone was grateful when we arrived at the bar. It was so cold that one of the guys got frost bite on his cheek! After our first stop at the bar, everyone decided to head back to the house. Riding in cold temperatures was not fun at all.

The next day, everyone was so slow. I was starving. Brian and I decided to fend for ourselves, and rode to breakfast. Once we got back, a few people were up and moving. Andy and Brian decided to ride on their own. Brittany and I relaxed before going out on our own too. I lead our 2-girl gang. I was so proud of myself! Last year, I kept falling into ditches, and this year I’m guiding us around – fast learner 😉 We met up with our boys, and then rode back to the house. Hung out, made dinner, had a few drinks, then went out to the bars. That night was so much fun!

Next day, we woke up to several inches of snow and snow kept falling! One could not see 20 feet ahead in the street. It was absolutely beautiful! Everyone got in the trucks and head out for breakfast – it was a triple date. That day was a full day of riding. At night, no one wanted to go out so Brian and I ventured off on our own – again. ha. Side Note: I’m extremely grateful to have a partner whom is my partner in crime. We know we can go off on our own and have tons of fun together. That’s when you know you’re meant for each other. If you don’t have that yet, don’t settle. There’s someone out there that complements you and is literally your other half. That night turned out to be sooo much fun! We went home and I went to bed….Brian, not so much. Oh boy was he hurting the next day! haha.

Everyone hung out on NYE day. Naps, movies, water – need that hydration, know what I mean 😉 – and more naps. Then we got the party started around 7PM once everyone resuscitated LOL. We sang, we took shots, we told stories, more friends joined, more shots, took pictures, and then the countdown!  Perfect way to end a year and welcome a new one! Happy 2018!


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