Mexico: Cabo San Lucas 2018

Wednesday, March 7, Brian and I are out having a few drinks with friends. Our friend Jamie sends us a text at 9:30PM:
“Going to Cabo March 21-28.” 
We look down at the calendar on our phones. That’s 2 weeks away. I check my work schedule…open, no major meetings, I’m in. Brian needs one day at the Fire Station covered. Next couple days I’m tracking flight prices. Brian found coverage. Flights, booked. Just like that, we’re going to Cabo!

I’ve never been to Cabo. Jamie has been 3 times before. Brian and I modified our trip dates to 3/21/18 to 3/25/18 due to work. For me, work had been very busy, so I was definitely looking forward to this trip.

Wednesday morning I answered a few work emails before heading to the airport. We left the house earlier than I usually do for a flight because we wanted to avoid the daily work traffic. Check-in, TSA checks, and getting to our gate was fast! We had a few hours to spare. Jamie met up with us at the airport. The flight was kind of long – 4ish hours. Brian caught some beautiful pictures of me sleeping with my mouth open! Ha! As we arrived to Cabo, my mouth was open again, but this time I was awake and in awe at how beautiful this place was!

First things first, we stopped at an OXXO (like a 7-11) for some cold cervezas to enjoy on the ride to our hotel. As we arrived at our hotel, we checked-in, dropped our bags off, and changed into shorts. We found a taco joint that had a Spring Break Special: 3 tacos, 1 beer, and 1 shot for $10. HECK YES! The rest of the day we spent walking around Cabo and the Marina. That night at a restaurant we met a couple from the state of Washington, Cruz and Bertha. Conversations flowed, cheered beers, and exchanged phone numbers to hang out in the days to come. The first was absolutely amazing!

Thursday we had a fishing trip scheduled for 12:30PM. Delayed to 1:00PM. Our catch made up for it. We caught 4 tuna (I reeled one in, and let the cutie go afterwards), and 1 large Marlin! The whole experience was absolutely amazing for it being my first time fishing! As we headed back to the Marina, I gazed at the sunset alone and felt beyond grateful for the experience with my friend and boyfriend.

On Friday, we went on a booze cruise with Cruz, Bertha, and their friends along with plenty of other people we befriended on the boat. Unlimited drinks, great music, endless laughter, and all around positive vibes made the whole day a ton of fun! At night, we went out downtown – holy smokes college students! So many people out for Spring Break, enjoying their time worry-free! Oh how I miss college Spring Break. We wrapped up the night with some street tacos – duh, we’re in Mexico!

On Saturday, the three of us walked along the beach to where the resorts end taking many pictures of the waves, the water sports, the people, and of each other. It was the perfect last day in Cabo.

Exploring new destinations is always so much fun, but exploring new destinations with amazing friends, one being soulmate, is beyond words! I’m blessed to have added Cabo San Lucas to the list of destinations this year with Brian. We love it so much we even started talking about buying a place here! One can dream, right? In the meantime, we’ll count down the days until the next adventure.


Ciao! Hasta la proxima!

Marina in the evening.
I caught a tuna! Cheesin so hard to hide the fact that I don’t like touching fish. (The marlin we caught is on the ground)
Wonderful friends: Brian and Jamie
Brian may have got something!
In love, with sunsets and him
The famous Cabo Arch


Marina in the day.



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